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emoclassicists's Journal

[angsting over '_' and other dead people]
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'_', *achilles-es*, achilles/patroclus, alexander conquering everything, alexander the small, ancient greece, ancient greek, ancient languages, ancient rome, athene's flashing eyes, avoiding octavian, bacchic frenzies, being citizens of isky, being emo, classics, confusing timelines, did i mention rome?, euripikins, for greece!, for rome!, hating aeneas, hating aeneas some more, hating hippies, hating socrates, hectorrrr!, hippolytus-is-a-sexist-arrogant-jerk, isky, latin, macedonia being after greece, menelaus' red hair, octavian must die, pullo/vorenus, putting-the-keys-to-alexandria-in-high-places, relating everything to classics, richmond lattimore, rome, rome marathons, shameless brutus fangirling, the bride of aeneas, the secret history, voreeeeenus, worshipping homer